Skins & Suedes  
2015 — Ongoing

Skinheads drew influence from the early Mod style and originally had the music of 1960's Jamaican musicians as their soundtrack.

Those involved in the subculture had a sense of working class pride and this attribute was often recognised in the white and black youth, who grew up across England.

The distinct skinhead look went on to be adopted by various facist groups and many original skinheads felt it was time to abandon their style, due to the negative association.

Some true skinheads refused to give up their style, which ultimately caused a divide within the subculture between those with differing political stances.

Museum-grade C Type Prints.

All Limited Editions are accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity. 

Available sizes:

10x10” - Open edition.

20x20" - Signed edition of 25. 

40x40” - Signed edition of 10.

Last Days Of Summer  
2019 - Ongoing

Last Days Of Summer is an ongoing photographic documentation of Southend-on-Sea. It aims to capture the multifaceted ways in which people, representing various age groups, backgrounds, and cultures, engage with the coastal environment.

As a new resident of the city, this series of images has served both as a means for exploration and connection to my new home.

Museum-grade C Type Prints.

All Limited Editions are accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

Available sizes:

24x20" - Signed edition of 25.

Young Fathers  
2019 - Ongoing

Although outdated stereotypes of parenting between men and women are starting to change for the better, I still rarely see the important representation of young men as a loving father figure.

These images are a selection of young fathers and guardians, who portray the gentle, influential and caring relationship between fathers and their sons and daughters.

Ground Clearance  
2016 - Ongoing

In the mid-to-late 1940’s a new subculture in America emerged.

Mexican-American youths had been known to place sandbags in their custom vehicles so that the body of their car would ride close to the road.

This was aesthetically pleasing for those involved in the scene and would later be technologically advanced, for the same effect to be achieved by hydraulics.

Lowriding was formed out of Mexican-American culture, and the vehicles were decorated to hold political statements and sported images representing the culture from which it was born.

As the years passed, and the 21st century began, Lowriding culture became extremely popular.

Often seen in popular music videos, the scene was embraced by cultures all around the world and amassed huge global appeal. 

By My Side

23/3/2020,  I wake up to silence.
No cars drive by my window, no children walk to school, and I lay still for a while, finding some comfort in knowing that I have nowhere to be. 

Hours quickly turned to weeks and then to months.
I thought regularly about the importance of companionship, support, loneliness, love and loss throughout this period.
As lockdown eases, I focus on couples who have been each other's support throughout.